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BS 244 BE XN 250 Evo
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ELAC BS 244 - AUDIO (Germany) review
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"A simple form of well-made boxes, original pickups extraordinary beauty and technical sophistication."

"Coherent, art, saturated. Insulation without weakening the accuracy, tamed without loss of accuracy. Bass juicy, low reaching, sweet highs, smooth and selective."

AUDIO (Poland) review


"BS 244 ideally accurately and very sharply articulates material in the entire range, especially in the upper register. It is desirable to still and still listen to many records, for example, of jazz ensemble with the high percussion in order to take pleasure by the staggering beautiful top ELAC. Dynamic range is maximally wide."

"The perfect combination of exceptionally flat frequency response and very low THD at this frequency section is a wonderful premise for a smooth sound monitor system."

Stereo & Video (Russia) review

ELAC JET III tweeter
  • TT180AS-XR: difuzor midbass cu membrana sandwich hartie-aluminiu "Crystal"
  • JET III: tweeter cu tehnologie Air-Motion-Transformer (folded foil)
  • DC ring (JET Dispersion Control): inel pentru controlul dispersiei ce se monteaza in jurul tweeterului JET

BS 244: placere pura

BS 244 inglobeaza toata stiinta si toate virtutile lungii traditii ELAC in designul incintelor compacte. De multi ani tinta inginerilor ELAC a fost reproducerea "celui mai mare sunet posibil" dintr-o incinta cat mai compacta.

BS 244 este o incinta acustica deplin matura ce poate fi plasata pe un stand dedicat sau pe un suport care sa permita desfasurarea sunetului sau plin. Cand este plasata in apropierea peretelui sau pe un raft, se recomanda in majoritatea cazurilor inchiderea tubului bass reflex cu bungul din dotare.
ELAC LS 70 & ELAC FS 70 II speaker stand Disponibil ca accesoriu: standul LS 70 este perfect adaptat pentru aceasta incinta acustica. Protectiile metalice inserate in baza incintei se potrivesc exact pe cele trei spike-uri ale placii superioare. In plus exista posibilitatea fixarii cu surub pentru stabilitate si siguranta sporita.
Dimensions H × W × D
330 × 200 × 270 (282) mm Details
Gross Volume
18.6 l
8.5 kg
2-ways, bass reflex
Bass Ports
1 × 180 mm AS-XR cone
1 × 60 mm (with Bass Control Plug)
1 × JET III (mag. shielded)
Recom. Amplifier Power
at Nominal Impedance
30-200 W / channel
Crossover Frequency
2,600 Hz
88 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m
Nominal Impedance
suitable for amplifiers (from ... to)
4 Ohm
4 ... 8 Ohm
Minimum Impedance
3.5 Ohm / 190 Hz
Frequency Range acc. to IEC 268-5
38 ··· 50,000 Hz
Nominal / Peak Power Handling
80 / 120 W
black high gloss
titan shadow
cherry veneer
mocha veneer
white high gloss
ELAC BS 244 brochure

Treble Unit

ELAC JET III tweeter used in all 240 Series range

The ELAC JET tweeter is one of the most legendary tweeters in the hi-fi trade and has won international renown with its unusual transparent and effortless sound image.

The JET tweeter was delveloped to perfection on the basis of the famous 'Air Motion Transformer' by loudpseaker pioneer Dr Oskar Heil. Its principle: a concertinaed foil membrane is driven by a strong magnet system of neodymium rods.

This 'motor' drives the air considerably faster than the conventional pistonic technique. High sensitivity and extraordiary dynamics are the result. Due to continuous improvement, the JET III tweeter creates an effortless and airy resonance-free image up to 50,000 Hz, and with its linear frequency response is ideally suited for the reproduction of Hi-Res Audio music.

ELAC JET DC (Dispersion Control) ring
ELAC JET DC (Dispersion Control) ring
The ELAC "JET Dispersion Control DC" is a flat ring made of open-cell rubber foam which is mounted around the JET orifice with four clasps (or with adhesive tape).

The JET DC results in a broadband reduction of about 0.5 dB of the radiated sound level nearly independent of frequency. The JET DC is best suited for rooms with little sound absorption at high frequencies, especially for rooms with large windows without curtains or with a smooth floor without a carpet.

All loudspeakers of the 240 series are supplied with the JET Dispersion Control as an accessory.


Midbass Unit

TT 180 AS-XR midbass used in: BS 244, CC 241, FS 249.

All woofers and midrange drivers of the 240 series contain the new "Crystal Membrane" (patent pending) and their design is based on the well-known "Aluminium-Sandwich AS Technology" which was developed by ELAC a couple of years ago. The crystal-shaped inverse aluminium dome is joined to the paper cone in a special glueing process resulting the desired sandwich construction.

The stamping of the aluminium foil looks like the surface of a large crystal, this is where the term "Crystal Membrane" come from. This stamping stiffens the aluminium dome considerably which diminishes the membrane-internal resonances resulting in less sound coloration and additionally improves the large signal behaviour noticeably.
The voice coil is not only - like usually - joined to the neck of the paper cone but also to the bottom of the aluminium dome. This design results in the expansion of the transmission range of the respective woofers or midrange drivers by nearly an octave. Therefore the abbreviation "XR" (eXtended Range) has been introduced.

Due to the specially wide double asymmetrical ('DAS') rubber surround, ELAC's TT 180 woofer can handle up to ±15mm long stroke. This provides maximum level supply and mellow low bass. For a driver this size, such a large displacement represent a unique engineering achievement.

ELAC Crystal membrane - TT 180 AS-XR midbass driver cuttrough
ELAC Crystal membrane - TT 180 AS-XR midbass driver
ELAC BS 244 Stereo Setup ELAC BS 244 Stereo Setup
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