ELAC Vela BS 403

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ELAC VELA BS 403 white high gloss finish
ELAC VELA BS 403 black high gloss ELAC VELA BS 403 white high gloss ELAC VELA BS 403 white high gloss side


  • TT150AS-XR: difuzor midbass cu membrana sandwich hartie-aluminiu "Crystal"
  • JET V: tweeter cu tehnologie Air-Motion-Transformer (folded foil)
The VELA Bookshelf Speakers

A complex design: high-class lacquered and wooden veneered cabinets, which have a trapezoid shape and are angled rearward.

The design catches eyes but conduces acoustics, too. The sound of VELA shows it´s family background to successful series 400.

But the advantages are distinct. The angling of the cabinet in combination with the new wave-guide of the JET tweeter improves the definition of stereo and multi-channel audio in modern furnishing. But there are more than the obvious changes. For example the optimized drivers are able to reproduce high-energy transients more precisely.

Dimensions H × W × D
362 × 191 × 250 mm  
7,1 kg
2-ways, bass reflex
1 × 150 mm Ø AS-XR cone (mag. shielded)
1 × JET V (mag. shielded)
Recom. Amplifier Power
at Nominal Impedance
40-200 W / channel
Crossover Frequency
2,400 Hz
86 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m
Nominal Impedance
suitable for amplifiers (from ... to)
4 Ohm
4 ... 8 Ohm
Minimum Impedance
3.2 Ohm / 260 Hz
Frequency Range
acc. to IEC 268-5
41··· 50,000 Hz
Nominal / Peak Power Handling
70 / 100 W
Black High Gloss, White High Gloss, Walnut High Gloss
ELAC VELA Series brochure

VELA Series Features:

ELAC VELA Series Speakers - Form Supports Function
Form Supports Function

The convex shaped baffle and the big radius’s of the cabinet promote the acoustics because influences of cabinet to frequency response are reduced.


ELAC VELA Series Speakers - Close to Action
Close to Action

The bottom plate is made of aluminum and is featured with a down-firing bass reflex port which gives advantages in positioning the speaker.


ELAC VELA Series Speakers - Large Signals
Large Signals

Not visible, because all the secrets are in geometry – all drivers are showing further improved large signal behavior.


ELAC VELA Series Speakers - Flexible Connectivity
Flexible Connectivity

Thanks to it’s flexible connections the Vela series offers the ability of using bi-wiring and bi-amping.

ELAC VELA BS 403 Stereo Setup ELAC BS 403 Stereo Setup
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