ELAC Alchemy PPA-2 ( Phono Preamp )

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ELAC Alchemy PPA-2 - Preamplificator doza pick-up hi-end
ELAC Alchemy PPA-2 - Phono Preamp ELAC Alchemy PPA-2 - Phono Preamp


ELAC Alchemy PPA-2 Features:

  • Fully discrete, balanced FET topology from input to output
  • DC servo-controlled output stage
  • Switchable MM or MC gain for each channel
  • MC loading continuously adjustable from 5 Ω to 999 Ω
  • Precise MC cartridge loading settings for each input can be displayed on the LCD information screen
  • Selectable Stereo or Mono operation
  • Highly precise RIAA equalization using 0.1% metal film resistors and selected metalized polypropylene capacitors
  • Selectable rumble filter
  • All signal routing through hermetically sealed gold-ongold relays
  • Ultra-low-noise DC voltage regulators
  • Microcontroller completely shuts down during normal operation to eliminate any clocking noises
  • Internally shielded toroidal transformer and linear power supply for very low radiated hum field
  • Provides an improved power source for the Miracord 70 and 90 turntable motor
  • 12 V trigger input
  • Liquid Crystal Display for clear user information
Alchemy performs LP magic

The Alchemy PPA-2 is a full-featured phono preamp that uses all analog, discrete FET gain and EQ stages to transform microscopic grooves in vinyl into stunningly lifelike music. The PPA-2 can be tailored to specific cartridge requirements, with switchable gain for each channel, MC cartridge loading, and stereo or mono operation. A selection of RCA or XLR inputs and outputs adds even more flexibility to the most versatile phono preamp in its class.

Technical Information

Inputs: (2) RCA UNBALANCED or (1) RCA & (1) XLR BALANCED
Input impedance: 5-1KOhms variable or 47K
Frequency response: 10hz-20khz +/- 0.2dB
RIAA accuracy: +/- 0.2dB
Nominal THD+N: <0.005%
Signal-to-noise ratio (1 kHz): >86dB
Output Voltage: >6.0V RMS
Crosstalk (L-to-R or R-to-L): >80dB
Single ended Gain: 42dB (low) or 60dB (high)
Balanced Gain: 48dB (low) or 66dB (high)
Output impedance: 50 Ohms
Analog Outputs: (1) XLR BALANCED, (1) RCA UNBALANCED
Available finishes: Black
Dimensions (HxWxD) cm:  5.10 x 44.50 x 38 including jacks
Net Weight: 6.4 kg

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