Cyrus DAC X+

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Cyrus DAC X+ upsampling 24bit/192kHz hi-end DAC


Cyrus DAC XP Signature - What Hi-Fi 4 Stars 1 Cyrus DAC XP Signature - What Hi-Fi 4 Stars 2 Cyrus DAC XP Signature - What Hi-Fi 4 Stars 3

Cyrus DAC XP Signature

Cyrus DAC XP Signature - What Hi-Fi 4 Stars
  • Play Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and the XP continues to impress. It tracks the tiniest details with ease, delivering every inflection with pristine definition.
  • When the music really explodes the Cyrus takes it all in its stride delivering wide-ranging dynamics with plenty of composure. Once again we’re struck by the level of control here.
  • We’re pretty happy with the soundstaging. It’s impressively focused and nicely layered. 
  • If you’re already a fan of the Cyrus sound, jump right in. Even if you’re not it’s well worth a listen.
  • A fast, precise and detailed sound
  • Impressive clarity
  • Good upgrade potential

Cyrus DAC X+

Hi-Fi Choice logo
  • Upgradeable; good ergonomics; strong and clear bass

Cyrus DAC X+/ CD XT SE+/ PSX-R

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • Staggering resolution, agility and dynamics
  • Impressive timing and stereo imaging

Cyrus DAC XP+

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 4 Stars
  • It uses a very familiar box, but Cyrus's DAC XP+ hosts massive ability
  • Excellent DAC performance
  • Stunning insight and precision

Cyrus DAC XP & X Power

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • Cyrus has taken an odd approach that works fabulously.
  • A terrific sound that brims with speed, dynamics and agility

Cyrus DAC X+ Features:

  • True balanced DAC tuned to produce the purest Cyrus sound
  • All digital inputs are upsampled to 24bit/192kHz. - The D/A converter will upgrade any digital source
  • Sophisticated re-clocking circuit - High accuracy sources are digitally re-clocked by a close tolerance circuit with triple quartz references ensuring low jitter
  • True balanced topology throughout - Fully balanced topology from the digital domain to the analogue output stage
  • Dual mono DAC cards - Dual mono design improves the focus and the the clarity of the system
  • Expertly designed PSU - The power supply is cascaded through a number of sophisticated regulation stages and isolation techniques that ensure each section receives an unrestricted, noise free, power supply
  • Extensive PSU refinements - Greater resolution from the analogue stages, the subtlety and emotion of the musical performance is preserved
  • Extensive use of Star-earthing - Ability to resolve to very low signal levels
  • Optically isolated digital control system - Control signals have no influence on the music signal
  • PSX-R₂ socket to upgrade for greater resolution and dynamics
Cyrus DAC XP Signature - Digital Filter Response: Fast or Slow roll-off Cyrus DAC XP Signature - Phase adjust: Normal or Inverted
  • Digital Filter Response: Fast or Slow roll-off - Gives two settings for the digital filtering of the DAC stage. Choose your preference of Fast or Slow roll-off by auditioning some of your favourite tracks
  • Phase adjust: Normal or Inverted - Sets the audio phase for the DAC. Some listeners may prefer the inverted setting with their systems or for when playing particular recordings
  • Operation display mode: Small input or Large input

Product Overview

The DAC X+ upsampling audio D/A converter features dual mono DACs and a balanced audio design throughout the analogue domain. The DAC X+ is a high-end upgrade for a CD transport or other digital audio sources, connecting between the digital outputs of the sources and a preamplifier.

Inside, four fully balanced 24-bit DAC chips convert digital sources to analogue in a process which has been painstakingly designed and tested to ensure high definition sound quality, no interference and no distortion.

Cyrus DAC X Signature analogue filter stage diagram  (Balanced Out)
Dual mono, four 24bit/192kHz DACs balanced design - Low noise, 4 pole balanced analog filter - Expertly designed power supply, sophisticated regulation stages


Technical Information

Digital Input: 500mV pk-pk 75 Ω
Digital Output: 500mV pk-pk 75 Ω
Sample rate tolerance: +/-1 00ppm of 32/44.1 /48kHz and multiples to 192k
Sample rate tolerance (wide): Any sample rate in range 32k – 192k
Fixed Out Level: 2.3V
Balanced Out Level: 4.6V
Output Impendance: 47Ω
THD+N: 0.002% (0dBFS)
S/N ratio: 115dBA (PCM in, 0dBFS)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Finish: Brushed black, Quartz silver
Weight: 3.8kg

Digital Inputs - 6 SPDIF (4 coaxial + 2 optical)

Analogue Outputs (unbalanced) - 1 stereo line output (via RCA jacks)
Analogue Outputs (balanced) - 2 stereo line outputs (via XLR)
Digital Outputs - 1 SPDIF (optical)

Enclosure: Cyrus Inverted die-cast chassis
Material: Lightweight non-magnetic alloy

CYRUS chassis
CYRUS chassis

Internal power Supplies
1 x 75 VA Toroidal transformer
Twin windings dedicated to the digital and analogue DAC sections
Entirely separate power regulation for the DAC and analogue filter sections
Two-stage regulation is used for critical stages with remote shunt regulators located within the heart of the audio circuitry.

External power Supplies
Highly regulated PSX-R₂ upgradeable

MC-BUS™ System BUS

Cyrus DAC X+ rear panel drawing
CYRUS_DAC_X+_Brochure_(PDF) CYRUS_DAC_X+_Guide_(PDF)
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