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CYRUS Audio "Engineered To Entertain"
If your goal, like ours, is to invest in components that do much more than merely reproduce music, you will appreciate why CYRUS is constantly advancing techniques to enhance the emotion, energy and drama  of the musical performance in all our homes. All our products are designed, manufactured and supported in the UK.
CYRUS Made in UK


All In One System
CYRUS Lyric [Stream CD player DAC Amplifier]
Integrated Amplifiers
CYRUS 8₂ DAC QXR Integrated Amplifier
CYRUS 8a Integrated Amplifier
CYRUS 6a Integrated Amplifier
CYRUS ONE Integrated Amplifier
Preamps and DACs
CYRUS DAC XP Signature DAC & Preamplifier CYRUS DAC X+ dual mono DAC
CYRUS Pre2 DAC Preamplifier
Cyrus Phono Signature Preamplifier Cyrus QXR DAC Module
Phono Signature QXR DAC Module
Power Amplifiers
CYRUS Mono X 300 Power Amplifier
CYRUS Mono X 200 Power Amplifier
CYRUS X Power Amplifier
Stream X Signature [Stream] Stream Xa [Stream DAC] Streamline₂ [Stream DAC Amplifier]
CD Players/ Transports
CYRUS CDXT SE2 Transport CYRUS CD i CYRUS CD Xt Signature
CYRUS PSX-R₂ Intelligent, highly regulated power supply
CYRUS PSX-R Intelligent, highly regulated power supply
CYRUS Digital Interconnect Cable
CYRUS Analogue Interconnect Cable
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