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Cyrus X Power stereo power amplifier


Cyrus Pre DAC & X Power - STEREO (Germany) reviewCyrus Pre DAC & X Power - STEREO (Germany) reviewCyrus Pre DAC & X Power - STEREO (Germany) review

Cyrus Pre DAC & X Power

Cyrus Pre DAC & X Power - STEREO (Germany) review
  • A particular strength of Cyrus has always been timing – and it still is. The components have exemplary qualities in terms of flow and rhythm - building up the sound pattern from the eminently important bass and middle range, which is very characteristically transmitted completely without breaks - is richly facetted and enormously natural.
  • Hardly any other piece of equipment in the same price range, but of a different make, will exceed or at best equal a Cyrus amplifier in reproducing the human voice.
  • The energy balance is also right and ensures that nothing is annoying or drifts off into the world of clinical analysis. The soundstage is nicely illuminated, well thoughtout in its depth and width. The space-time allocations are authentic, delivering an amazing image, and with it a convincing credibility of the dimensions illustrated. It sounds very open, free and detached.
    • Outstanding laboratory results. All values measured are absolutely at the top of the range, although it is of course the distortion, noise and crosstalk values which are the most interesting.
    • Elegant, rhythmic “swinger” and excellent pre-amplifier with high-quality D/A converter. Upgradable.
    • Respectable output performance, certainly sufficient for most applications with substantial spare capacity and top-quality values in all important categories such as extremely low distortion and low noise.
    • Despite its compact size, powerful and colourful mono/stereo power amplifier with pronounced audiophile virtues.
Cyrus Stream XP2 Qx & X Power - HiFi STARS review

Cyrus Stream XP₂ Qx & X Power

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • Cyrus upgraded its equipment for the future, but remains the high quality standards of the English brand loyal. The new Stream XP₂ Qx and the X Power amplifier in any case constitute a great, musical team, which combines British culture of sound and functionality.

Cyrus Pre Qx DAC & X Power - Stereoplay review

Cyrus Pre Qx DAC & X Power - Stereoplay verdict

Cyrus Pre DAC Qx & X Power

Cyrus Pre Qx DAC & X Power - Stereoplay review
  • Cyrus Pre Qx DAC
    Overall rating: Outstanding 91 points 
    Price / Performance: Good - Very Good
    • +quick off
    • +very open and pointed in the space map
  • Cyrus X Power
    Overall rating: Good - Very good 74 points 
    Price / Performance: Good - Very Good
    • +black and edged in the bass
    • +punchy mids
  • Husqvarna Group from Sweden delivers the aluminum die-cast housing to Huntington, where it is fitted at the Cyrus headquarters.
  • It goes forward - deep black bass and potent. The energy was so strong that ultra-compact speakers seemed overwhelmed a trace in our test. The high speed and thrust yearn for an adequate customer - the power hungry, the stronger the picture.
  • Cyrus is on the opposite side of the ear flatterer. This had hands-on presence in an adagio of Monzart. Without the trace of sentimentality, crisp and information rich.
  • With Magico Q3 (40.000EUR): The extremely clean sound - In the listening room began the burn in period with the little Cyrus Vor-/End-Kombi. And indeed: The Q3 also runs on smaller amplifiers. Even at party levels made ​​the fun.
Cyrus X Power (as mono) - Stereoplay review

Cyrus X Power (as mono) x 2

CYRUS - Stereoplay review
Cyrus X Power (as mono) - Stereoplay review verdict

CYRUS X Power & PSX-R - STEREO (Germany) review

Cyrus X Power & PSX-R

CYRUS X Power & PSX-R - STEREO (Germany) review
  • Klang-Niveau: 85/88%; Preis/Leistung: „exzellent“
  • With the PSX-R thanks to its incredible liquid-smooth gameplay the power dwarfs move amazingly up close to the reference class.
Cyrus Pre XP & 8 Power - What Hi-Fi review

Cyrus Pre XP d & 8 Power

CYRUS - What Hi-Fi 5 Stars
  • Cyrus seems to be incapable of producing lack-lustre amplifiers - this preamp used in clonjunction with the 8 Power amp is a mighty combo
  • Exposes layer after layer of detail
  • Fast, punchy and precise delivery
  • Sensational timing
Cyrus Pre XP & 8 Power - Hi-Fi Choice review

Cyrus Pre XP d & 8 Power

Hi-Fi Choice logo
  • Detailed and subtle, with little character added to sound
  • "They are capable of a very high degree of subtlety"
  • "One of the most revealing combinations in the test, its character (or lack of it) making it a very honest and straightforward part of the reproduction chain"

Cyrus X Power Features:

  • The X Power is the reference stereo power amplifier in the Cyrus series
  • Regulated VAS power supply: Clean and stable voltage amplifier stage, no trace of ripple and noise
  • Extremely short signal path: Reduced crosstalk and extremely low distortion, preserving signal purity
  • No output relay: Purist design and clean signal path, no sonic degradation
  • Soft-start system: No turn-on thump
  • Can connect with a PSX-R2 adding both detail and dynamics to the amplifiers performance
  • X Power will partner perfectly with the Pre₂ DAC preamplifier

Product Overview

Rated at 100W into 6 Ohms, the X Power design includes a vastly over-specified power supply bringing considerable dynamic power in excess of the rated RMS figure, essential when driving difficult loads. Technically competent, the X Power ranks highly amongst its peers for technical specifications such as noise, distortion, damping factor and current delivery.

The X Power includes a port for connection of the PSX-R2 power supply. The PSX-R2 is a high capacity, fully regulated power supply with even more capacity than the internal power supply of the X Power. The benefits of the super-quiet DC power from the PSX-R2 will be primarily experienced as an upgrade in the sound of the system, although the power output of the X Power will also be increased, particularly when operating as a mono amplifier.

Technical Information

Power output: 2 x 100W in stereo operation, 1 x 181W in monobloc operation (into 6 Ohms)
Distortion: <0.002% (1kHz into 8 Ohms), <0.01% (20Hz-20kHz into 8 Ohms)
Frequency Response: 0.1Hz – 100Khz (-3dB)
Output Current: 30A peak
Sensitivity (RCA input): 413mV (for 60W stereo into 8 Ohms)
Input impedance: 20Kohm
S/N Ratio: 112dBA (ref 60W)
Dimensions (H x W x D): 73 x 215 x 360 mm
Finish: Brushed black, Quartz silver
Weight: 8.2kg

Line inputs:
2 analogue

Bi-wire loudspeaker terminals (BFA plugs supplied)
RCA Chain Out (buffered, unity gain)

Enclosure: Cyrus Inverted die-cast chassis
Material: Lightweight non-magnetic alloy

CYRUS chassis
CYRUS chassis

Internal power Supplies
1 x 330 VA Toroidal transformer

External power Supplies
Highly regulated PSX-R2 upgradeable

MC-BUS™ System BUS

Cyrus X Power rear panel drawing
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