Cyrus Digital interconnect

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Cyrus Digital Interconnect

Cyrus Digital Interconnect Features:

  • Twisted pair of pure copper wires
  • Data leg wrapped in unbleached cotton
  • Triple screened with a heavy duty tinned copper braided EMI/RFI sleeve
  • Advanced soldering, insulation and composition

Product Overview

Cyrus digital interconnects are optimised to enhance the sound of our products. When we tune our products, we use our own digital interconnects. This means that when you connect your Cyrus hi-fi system together using Cyrus digital interconnects you will get the full sonic performance intended by our expert engineers.

This high bandwidth digital cable provides fast transients, great dynamic range with excellent micro dynamics contributing to a "live" sound. Although the cable helps to present all the details and subtle nuances in every recording, it does not sound harsh or "digital". We strive to present the listener with the most natural rendering of the original performance.

Further Information

Our digital interconnect consists of a twisted pair of pure copper wires. Each data leg is wrapped in unbleached cotton, and triple screened with a heavy duty tinned copper braided EMI/RFI sleeve. Advanced soldering, insulation and composition ensure that the sound you hear is enhanced.

Length: 1m

Capacitance per foot: 10KHz, 17.8pF
Characteristic impedance: 75 Ohms

CYRUS Digital Interconnect
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