ELAC FS 189 - AVmagazin (Germany) review

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ELAC FS 189 - AVmagazin (Germany) review
11.2009 - Autor: Testbericht von Marius Donadello


ELAC FS 189 - AVmagazin (Germany) review - Test results


Good-natured and precise 

The Jet III Ribbon Tweeters is immensely fast, accurate and high efficiency. The great midrange with double-shaft fabric surround has been redesigned Non-dogmatic, flexible displays are proven, the FS 189, in the high frequency: The scope of supply includes a "Jet Dispersion Control-called open-cell foam ring, which is attached as required by means of small clips around the sound outlet of the tweeter around. Such requirements may arise from sound-reflecting Rooms: Large windows and other ultra-smooth surfaces such as certain stone reflecting higher frequencies very strong, so that the playback suffers terms of tonal balance and imaging accuracy. The ring reduces the dispersion tweeter gently over a wide frequency range, so that he probate remedies against a pieksig-creates spongy sound. These are already the Abstrahleigenschaften the "unthrottled" tweeter favorable, for his broad, uniform pattern allows music enjoyment outside the optimum listening position in the stereo triangle, and contributes to a differentiated, three-dimensional reproduction. 

ELAC FS 189 - AVmagazin (Germany) review - JET tweeter and AS cone midrange driver
ELAC FS 189 - AVmagazin (Germany) review - AS bass drivers
The Jet III Ribbon Tweeters is immensely fast, accurate and high efficiency. The great midrange with double-shaft fabric surround has been redesigned
Two of the three woofers working in parallel in the frequency range of 180 to 500 Hertz

To what tweeter is actually involved? No JET, no Elac! The FS 189 may benefit from the excellent little volume that, with its meandering folded, thin film membrane extremely quickly, and distortion-frequencies up to fifty kilohertz reproduces practically linear. Elac operates the immensely complex production of this tweeter itself, emerged in Kiel on the basis of the famous' Air Motion Transformer "by Dr. Oskar Heil. This is of course high in the game - Robot clog the membrane in its suspension - but precisely when folding and assembly of the membrane is not without skilled, experienced and very quiet man: With the help of special tools, the sensitive film under the microscope in their characteristic shape with a fold width of only about eight tenths put millimeters. 

ELAC FS 189 - AVmagazin (Germany) review - binding posts
Solid WBT terminals in duplicate also allow bi-wiring control

The one hundred and forty millimeters in diameter, with generously dimensioned midrange of the FS 189 is a new development, its aluminum sandwich membrane is suspended in a so-called full-Roll Surround. This new twin-shaft fabric surround, thanks to its special shape makes for uniform absorption in the membrane-remitting transverse vibration and optimizes the resonance properties of the Konustöners further. Here, too, uses a two-sided Elac Zentrierungsbelüftung to ensure a symmetrical cone in both directions and thus to minimize distortions in the lower range of the midrange too.

Galant and combative

ELAC FS 189 - AVmagazin (Germany) review A
András Schiff interprets Bach's Partitas "quite freely, his playing is characterized by pleasure in paraphrasing. The loose, skillfully reproducing the FS 189 provides insight into this excellent, appeared on ECM Records Live Production

Technically, the line 180 so colorfast Elac; remains only to find out whether the top model FS 189 are sounding just fits into the family - and how it differentiates itself through its.  In terms of their positioning, there is the FS 189 not fussy, with about seventy centimeters distance from the wall and ninety centimeters distance from the lateral walls, they feel immediately comfortable, easy Einwinkelung to the listening position is entirely satisfactory due to the radiation pattern of the tweeter.  Does it to this too well and directed Hochtonachsen the FS 189 exactly on the tip of the stereo triangle, we even give away something of territorial expansion.During the listening tests we have also promised to come with different amplifier electronics properly tested clear.  Such was the excellent, very charming Magnat RV 1 by a tube amp in the game partners, although it is one of its thirty-five watts of power to the powerful representatives of its kind.  For the FS 189 This drive certainly does not represent any challenge, she sets off, as there is no tomorrow and fill our large listening room confidently about thirty-six square of sound.  One also finds the best suitable supplier FS 189 new here in the recently introduced integrated amplifier Audia Flight from Three, which, inter alia, characterized by exceptional Tieftonreproduktionsvermögen.  In this regard, one can be deceived by their external stimuli easy to Elac: She plays down low, controlled very tightly and neatly, but not acting superficially and too sympathetic - Party? Gladly, but with a level!  Gnarled synth bass lines and percussion instruments used extensively in Aphrodite Drum 'n' bass-inspired dance track "Calcutta" by DJ Eastenders sampler "Orientation Volume 2" leave no doubt as to the maturity of the Tieftonfähigkeiten.  Carries a speaker at these hectic rhythms too thick, comes the play slightly out of step, but Elacs FS 189 offers the driving sounds very punchy, accurate, timed and downright pleasurable energetic. Feingeister at the sight of her bass ensembles, perhaps startled, can rest assured, tonally, the FS is 189 to the neutral side, there are in the original assembly with Bass Control plug tends to lean even Norse.

ELAC FS 189 - AVmagazin (Germany) review B
DJ Eastenders served interesting interweaving danceable rhythms and traditional oriental folk

This vote, however a seamless continuation of the very open, unfussy and audibly excellent midrange, and recommends the FS 189, for "serious" music.  With the new live recording of "Six Partitas" by Johann Sebastian Bach with András Schiff at the piano (ECM Records 8672001) we introduce the FS 189 to very sophisticated parquet of nervous stiffness is also in this repertoire to feel anything.  Rather, the Elac Piano Sheet presents fresh sparkling, fine dynamics sensitively and fully resolved, the resolution of the Jet III-ribbon allows the FS 189, is also home to the field of classical music.  With the Elac FS 189 has created a genuine all-rounder to go with the one left out around the houses and can dine excellently.

Test result


Floorstand loudspeaker, 3.5-way system, ribbon tweeter, bass reflex, 2 bass reflex tubes, bi-wiring terminal, cap for the back bass reflex port, DC dispersion Ring for Tweeters


With the FS 189 Elac presents a loudspeaker that is again characterized by the typical virtues of the Kiel specialists: Basic Solid workmanship, high technology and high suitability for the top model of the new 180 line all-rounder. When selecting suitable electronics, the FS 189 is entirely uncritical, already puts the matter with moderate power dynamic and impulsive.Feinabstimmungsmöglicheiten for the bass and treble adjustment to allow for room acoustic conditions and tastes. The sound is also an authentic Elac FS 189 and precipitated with a very open, more relaxed playing. The loudspeaker plays crisp and dry, dross and fresh, punchy attacks to shake loose from the sleeve. Thanks to its resolving power and its balance, it certainly moves on the floor of classical music, the FS 189 is a good technician with a big fighter's heart.

ELAC FS 189 - AVmagazin (Germany) review photo
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