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ELAC Debut F5.2 - Hi-Fi CHOICE review

ELAC Debut F5.2

ELAC Debut F5.2 - Hi-Fi CHOICE review
  • When material is softer and quieter, the delicacy and clarity offered by the tweeter is most impressive. It picks out the minutiae buried in the depth of the action and is easily heard, but without a hint of stridency or sharpness. The cymbal strikes on theextreme right of the soundstage at thebeginning of Stevie Wonder’s Higher Ground shimmer off into the distance deliciously and the hi-hats are snappy and taut.
  • The midrange reveals magnificent detail with vocals and instruments
  • The bass output kicked out by the compact F5.2 is quite an eye opener. Never once does it sound lightweight or as if it’s struggling. Instead, bass digs deep and with a highly accomplished sense of timing.
  • LIKE: Impressive bass weight; fine imaging; treble purity
  • WE SAY: A larger-thanlife floorstanding design with a big heart
  • New 5.25-inch Woven Aramid-Fiber Midbass. The revised shape of the aramid cone offers even greater stiffness and damping, far superior to polypropylene or paper. The added strength allows more flexibility in design to achieve a smoother, extended low-frequency response.
  • New 1-inch Tweeter with Wide-Dispersion Waveguide. A new silk-dome tweeter features a wide-roll surround and takes response up to 35,000 Hz for even more lifelike high frequencies. The waveguide improves directivity control and eliminates the diffraction modes inherent in traditional box enclosures

ELAC Debut F5.2: At the very heart of a serious sound system.

With its new custom drivers and improved cabinet design, the Debut F5.2 is the foundation of a serious two-channel system or the nucleus of an impressive multi-channel setup. Add an app-enabled ELAC subwoofer and you have a full-range system that delivers big-league sound, affordably.

Debut 2.0™ Series by Andrew Jones: Everything we do is different.

Few speakers have garnered such critical acclaim as the original Debut Series by ELAC. They established a new value proposition, with build quality and performance never before attainable at such an affordable price. Debut “changed the game,” and has now changed it again with the Debut 2.0 Series—proof that ELAC can’t leave well enough alone. Redesigned from the ground up, these speakers sound even more remarkable than the ones that sparked the revolution in affordable high-end sound.

Dimensions H × W × D
1016 × 180 × 234 mm
15.6 kg
3-way, bass reflex
3 × 140 mm cone, (mag. shielded)
1 × 25 mm silk dome, (mag. shielded)
Maximum Power Input
140 W
Crossover Frequencies
90 / 2,200 Hz
87 dB / 2.83 V / 1 m
Nominal Impedance
6 Ω
Frequency Range
acc. to IEC 268-5
42··· 35,000 Hz
Cabinet Finish
Black Ash vinyl
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ELAC Debut 2.0 Series drivers

1-inch cloth-dome deep-spheroid waveguide tweeter with oversized magnet

A custom-designed tweeter waveguide with a deep spheroid profile improves directivity control and shields the tweeter wavefront from cabinet diffraction.



3x 5.25-inch woven aramid-fiber woofers with oversized magnet and vented pole piece

Woven aramid fiber offers a superior stiffness-to-weight ratio and damping over common polypropylene or paper cones. The added strength allows more flexibility in design to achieve a smoother, extended frequency response.

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