ELAC FS 247 - AUDIO (Germany) review

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ELAC FS 247 - AUDIO (Germany) review
Malte Ruhnke


Are Germany made High-end loudspeakers expensive? Not with ELAC: For approximately 2000 euros there is the FS 247.


Elac FS-247

ELAC decorates its new 240 Series loudspeakers with a small Germany flag - the 2000 euros inexpensive floorstander 247 geizt with leckerer technology, however in Kiel one does not build.

Elac FS-247
< Photo: H.Härle: The crossover makes the box linear and adjusts also via link plug differences in level with the JET tweeter.

With crystalline material the crystal diaphragms 247 the anything do not have to do: The naming refers to the form of the aluminum foil, which is to exhibit a higher rigidity according to ELAC Chefdenker Rolf Janke. The basic construction behind the visible oscillation surface is a conventionally formed cone of paper, which sand-yielded with the aluminum crystal to one is stuck together. In the slim box work two identical Tiefmitteltöner in the 15-Zentimeter-Format, which is differently headed for however after the 2,5-Wege-Prinzip; for the central clay/tone only the upper copy provides. Starting from 2500 Hertz the ELAC typical Jet Hochtöner transfers in its newest generation - he is propelled not by a moving coil, but consists of a several times folded foil, which the conductive strips are glued on directly. With this complex production process small series dispersions can be never avoided - there sounds times the one JET railways louder, the other one railways more quietly. Apart from a strict selection Entwicker Janke sets integrated adjustment in level on one in the switch, so that all Hochtöner of a series up to a small tolerance sounds identically loud. That is enormously important and with boxes of this Preisklasse absolute for a precise Stereobild no matter of course.

Bass and housing

At the lower end the frequency band ELAC also new ways goes: The telex 247 has a reflex pipe in the base and one on the back of the box, also easily different vote. Under normal conditions the upper with a plug provided remains locked; with free list and in bass-hungry areas it can supply with unlocked to the last Tiefbass Kick.

The housing processing is sufficient for the highest requirements: The little-similar genuine wood veneer is treated with particularly thick Mattlack and works absolutely smoothly, the edges is supply round, „the Mokka “- pickling shines natively.

ELAC trusts in a sand yielding diaphragm from kristallförmig folded aluminum and a sticking stand behind it.


In the hearing area the Caton carat waited 790 DC for its comparison employment (AUDIO 10/07). Amazingly that the slimmer ELAC bought it the low bass gumption and Madonnas „I'll Remember “not only more enormously, but also rhythmically knackiger and more swingender reproduced.

„The Lacrimosa “from the Mozarts' requiem (Guttenberg, Farao) main header with slow choir sequences on. The ELAC sounds freshly and highly detailed, nearly stormily, whipped the musicians to dynamic and emotional high-altitude flights, revealed however in the sound massing „of the Sanctus “also a tendency to the severity. That could tilt with difficulty produced disks times in the metallic, sees „BREAK on Through “from the Doors in the AUDI OF DCC version.

As the second yardstick finally still the Quadral Platinum Ultra 9 (AUDIO 3/07) began. Into „sounds of the homeland “(Johann bunch: „The bat “, nuthatch, DG) offered the ELAC with spraying charm and kabarettistischer ease in Germany not built of the Quadral still to Paroli, in Dream of theatre „Metropolis I “(„image and Words “) had it power and the dynamic reservoir of the U 9 struck to give oneself. And nevertheless only few could imagine the Quadral in the own living room in the audio editorship - for a fine spirit them separate optics because of their already bullig provokanten out. There the beautifulnesses of ELAC offers clearly more attractions - not to forget the good feeling „made in Germany “to have bought.


For many HiFi fans 2000 euros are a quantity money. Do not save nevertheless at the boxes, these are in the chain at most sound-determining member!

plusSpritzig, dynamic box, highly detailed and strongly

plussomewhat distanceless and directly, with extreme levels metallically

ELAC FS 247 - AUDIO (Germany) - Test Sieger

Test winner!
(85 Punkte)

Auftstellungstipp: Bend easily or straight align. Near wall - with plugs, free standing - with unlocked back pipe.

Audio test descriptor
Bass quality 85
Bass depth (bass foundation) 75
Detail loyalty (precision) 90
Fine dynamics 95
Classification 0
Maximum level (aliveness) 75
Neutrality 90
Locatableness 80
Spatialness (airyness) 80
Test judgement 85
Processing outstandingly
Laboratory values
Audio characteristic number 58
Impedance minimum stp 3.2 ohms
Nominal impedance (audio) 3 ohm
lower critical frequency (- 3dB) 42 Hz
Lower critical frequency (- 6 railways) 39 Hz
Width 22.0 cm
Booklet number 4
Price in euros 2000
Height 102.1 cm
Year 08
Deep one 32.0 cm
Weight 16.0 kg
Building principle housing Ways bass reflex
Work principle electro-dynamically
Number of ways 2 1/2
Connections Bi-Wiring
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