ELAC FS 247 - Lautsprecher Test (Germany) review

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ELAC FS 247 - Lautsprecher Test (Germany) review


Jochen Schmitt


Elegance and class from the far north


Foto: Lautsprecher Test HiFi


"ELAC's speakers have a high quality standard because the products are not only engineered in Germany but in the majority they are completely produced in Germany. ... In the recent past the busy developer gives us repeatedly exciting innovations, such as the already legendary designated 4Pi tweeter and also, found in the set FS 247, the JET tweeter.

... As is to be expected from ELAC, the processing of the loudspeakers and the painting of the cabinet are of top quality.


... [And] Spontaneous enthusiasm was immediately felt after the start of our test CD - ELAC Loudspeakers received his listeners with a very open and spacious presentation.

... Highlights einemal requires more of the phenomenal acting JET tweeter, his praise more than is deserved. "


"ELAC has worked with the new Crystal membranes that populates FS 247, and created a true jewell speaker, not only for its defaulted outstanding elegant appearance, but above all, for its excellent sound properties. The elegant stand speakers must be unqualified praise - our congratulations go to Kiel!"

ELAC FS 247 - Lautsprecher Test (Germany) - Highlight


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