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FS 247 - the real sonic specialist: this columns expressively transfer any musical material. This speakers are not cheap, but also sound it actually by road.

For the first time on the IFA-2007 show the ELAC 240 Series already appeared in Moscow. First swallow - FS 247 - already in our test laboratory.

► Merits: very beautiful upper register, outstanding bass and dynamics, the high musical potential

► Deficiences: small differences in the nature of the transfer of the registers

Undoubtedly, the presentation of the rule of 240 Series from ELAC was one of the brightest events of the exhibition IFA of this year in the plan of acoustic systems. New rule could be immediately distinguished of other acoustic systems by the unique diffusers, whose ribbed surface resembles the increased crystal boundary. But about everything in the order.

Thus, in the rule is planned five models THE speakers: two floorstand (FS 249 and 247), two are shelf (BS 243 and 244) and central channel (SS 241). Our subject ( FS 247 ) is the young floorstand acoustic system. Column is built according to 2,5- strip diagram in the housing with the phase inverter. High frequencies are managed by the well familiar to us JET-tweeter, which radiates acoustic wave with the aid of the membrane, assembled into “the bellows”. This firm development of company is capable of playing up to 50 kHz and is used in the majority of products ELAC. For the new series this tweeter was improved, which made it possible to improve linearity AChKh and to decrease the harmonic distortions. Two 150- mm of driver AS, are begun to operate for the average and high frequencies. Last abbreviation is deciphered as follows: AS - Aluminium-Sandwich (technology of the aluminum-paper sandwich, when the finest aluminum membrane sticks to the paper base), XR - extended Of range (extended dynamic range). The membrane, as you see, changed with the completely smooth to very relief, that resembles, as we already spoke, crystal boundary. Developers named this diffuser Of crystal Of membrane and patented their invention.

The stamped relief diffuser makes it possible to successfully dissipate parasitic harmonic oscillations and furthermore this construction makes it possible to make the membrane of of more rigid and to decrease distortions. Also in these dynamic loudspeakers voice coil no longer is not simply stuck on the paper basis, it is also fastened also to the aluminum membrane.
This technology led to the expansion of the frequency range of dynamic loudspeakers almost to whole octave. Dynamics they are established into the solid housing from MDF, inside equipped with the developed system of spacers. Front panel can be covered by small suppressor grid, but, the word of honor, it only interfere withs admire uncommon diffusers. Much more interesting than the column they look without the grile].

There are two ports of phase inverter in 247. One is carried out to the rear wall, and the second - “blows” into the sex, to be more precise, to the base, which unties column with the sex. The adjustable legs with the shafts are provided in base. By the way, ELAC itself recommends the establishing of column how reliably as possible for purposes of safety - “blowing” downward port FIE presents the specific danger. Two pairs of the solid screw terminals, flooded into the plastic (as their cross connection) are located in the convenient niche on the rear wall and it is specially prepared to the connection of the solid dimensions of cable (with section to 16 [mm]2). Columns are let out in three performances: mocha, cherry lead and japan.

Plays this acoustic system extraordinarily likably. We repeatedly told about the salient acoustic potential Of ELAC JET tweeter. FS 247 demonstrates the advantages of this emitter with the entire obviousness. Sound is unusually light, is detailed, is plastic, is air, as if hovering. The sensation of very thin sound recording appears. If we allow analogy with the painting, then these are water color or pastel. The sonic means of model is very well designed. It is beautiful, holographically precise, elegant according to figure, is volumetric, transparent musical scene. The pair of compact floorstand loudspeakers with the small midbass drivers produces to the surprise influential, subjectively sufficiently deep, very well designed in tone and temporary sense, intonation specific basin occurs light difference in the nature of [prepodneseniya] of upper and lower registers, almost inevitable in cases when plenary emitter with the most light membrane works only in the part of the range. However, the performing the connecting role average register makes this difference almost imperceptible. FS 247 - the real sonic specialist: columns expressively transfer any musical material. speakers not cheap, but also sound it actually by road.

Prepared according to the journal “Stereo & Video”, November 2007.

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