ELAC FS 247 - Stereo (Germany) review

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11 / 2007 - Tobias Zoporowski


ELAC FS 247- Kristallklarer Klang




"The crystal structure of their membranes makes the new ELACs FS 247 to pit Preziose"

… "But really impressed with us in the chic betörend glossy black to test angetretene FS 247 - the smaller of the two state models - already directly out of the box with a wonderfully harmonious illumination of the hearing room. And since we had not even meticulously."…

JET Dispersion Control
"Smart solutions such as the foam ring for the Tweeter draw ELAC."

"The delicate optical Two and a half-way construction plays like a cast, impressed with a deep and sonorous bass Erdigkeit, we slender first pillar would not zugetraut. In the middle of it plays exactly, quickly and to the point, gives voice with a charming mixture of airiness and heat, the high-tech Tweeter continues with its formidable clarity, resolution and space staggering its gloss item on the impressive performance of the FS 247 "

FS 247 Sockel
"The second bass opening" fired "down from the elegantly designed base"

"Apparently left with is the FS 247 very close behind the references of the 2000 Euro-Class - an all-round loudspeaker par excellence."

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